The B&B’s bedrooms are comfortable and pleasant and allow you, thanks to their simple and traditional character, a complete relax.
The bedrooms are furnished with::

  • wooden furniture
  • ensuite bathroom in every bedroom
  • most bedrooms have a balcony
  • television and safe in every bedroom


The cembran-bedrooms

This noble tree species is native in the Alps since the last Ice age and since then the humans are trying to take advantage of its positive characteristics.

Through our local cembran-wood we tryed to arrange our new bedrooms so that its beneficial effects will best be transferred on our guests.

According to studies the cembran-wood has a positive effect on the circulation, as well as on the sleeping and the human well-being in general. This scientific studies show us that the sleeping in a “cembram-ambience” is characterized by a special living-quality, especially because it reduces about 3.500 heartbeats in a day, who causes a general well-being.

Particularly pleasing and healthy to the human, but not very popular for insects, is also the tipical fragrance of the cembran-wood.





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